20 Reason Why Traveler are Choosing Service Apartments


While traveling we always think about our stay. As we want the best service but at a good price too. For that service apartments are the best to rent for stay. Here are 20 reasons why travelers are choosing service apartments.

  1. Space that matches your style: The lifestyle of people is increasing day by day. We all want the best facilities. Sor that serviced apartments is best to rent as you get whatever facilities you want at affordable prices.
  2. Peace of mind: You are new to the city as you hired an apartment. You need some guidance don’t worry, serviced apartments tried to help at every possible step. So we can live there with no tension and stress. These apartments are truly owned by you for a rented period so there won’t be any disturbance.
  3. Endless rooming possibility: In services apartments, you can book accordance with your need for the room. You can even extend your number of rooms at any time with the same amount which you have paid earlier. No extra amount is charged on the spot.
  4. More bang for your buck: If you are planning to have a longer stay then service apartments are the best option and cost-effective. This apartment even provides some discounts for a longer stay.
  5. Dine-in comfort of home: These apartments are like a second home to you. They provide the best service to make you feel like home. The kitchen is always available with it. This makes it a complete home for you and your family.
  6. Fully furnished: These apartments are fully furnished with things you need in your daily life like TV, washing machine, sofa, dining set, and many more.
  7. Do your laundry: Washing facility in service apartments make it your home. You can wash your clothes anytime u want. you don’t have to pay any extra prices for this.
  8. Even your pet can stay: In big hotels, pets are not allowed but in serviced apartments, your pet can share the same space with you. So you don’t need to leave your pet at home.
  9. Location: Most of the serviced apartments are located in the center of the city which allows you to access the market. You can rent the apartment near your workplace which makes your journey quite convenient.
  10. Memorable moment: It becomes your past home when you leave which adds some positive memories. This memory has a very goof storied past.
  11. Enjoy a bespoke, personalized stay: Service apartments try to give you every service you desire for. They can cook some special meals for you on your demand. Visitor preference is always deal with priority concern.
  12. Wellness at doorstep: Serviced apartments try to provide health facilities like gym, swimming pool, spa. Some apartments come with unique lifestyle facilities that you won’t get anywhere.
  13. Stay Connected whenever want: These apartments assured you to provide high-speed internet facility. If you need a workplace then they can even arrange a stylish desktop. Meeting rooms are also ranged by these apartments.
  14. Inspired by local art: These apartments can renovate the room according to visitor culture. As foreign tourists are the major attentions of these apartments. They act as a bridge between two different cultures.
  15. Fuss-free dining: Serviced apartment also offers multiple dining concepts to serve the visitor the best.
  16. Live Local: If you want to explore the local city then it is the best place to stay. Even the reception helps you to access nearby places.
  17. Never come home to a mess: Whenever you return you will find the room is neat and clean. Your complaint is always tackled on a priority basis.
  18. Keep the children entertained: We visit with children so that they can enjoy it. These apartments take care of children’s enjoyment to a good extent. They offer every service that kids love for.
  19. Experience community: They try to build a strong bond with customers who want a longer stay. They won’t allow anyone to feel lonely.
  20. Earn as you stay: Your loyalty can earn you a great reward. They have so many offers and discounts for their regular loyal customers.

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FAQs About Our Serviced Apartments in New Delhi:

1. Does Woodpecker offer corporate rates for Serviced Apartments?

As the serviced apartments are primarily used for corporate stays, we always offer the best discounted corporate tariffs for our service apartments in New-Delhi. Please mail from your corporate id to  info@woodpecker4me.com for the best discounts.

2. What can I expect in a Woodpecker Apartment?

A warm home-like feel with hotel-like amenities. We provide fully furnished apartments with AC, TV, a dedicated caretaker, complimentary breakfast, and immediate response to any kind of complaint. 

3. How do I make a reservation with Woodpecker?

Making a reservation with us is a very simple process. You just need to make a phone call or drop us an email at info@woodpecker4me.com with your details like total number of guests and check-in and check-out dates. Our representative will check for availability and get back to you.

4. Who can/should use serviced apartments?

Even though serviced apartments are primarily used by companies to host their employees, they can be used by anyone looking for a comfortable homely stay with hotel-like amenities on an economical budget.

5. In which cities do Woodpecker Apartments have its apartments?

Currently, our apartments are located in New Delhi. However, we are expanding across the country.

6. Is it ok to use a serviced apartment to stay during medical treatment in New Delhi?

Medical Tourism and the IT industry were two of the main segments to cater serviced apartment industry that came into existence as part of the hospitality business. Serviced apartments offer a cheaper alternative to hotel stays, which makes them a perfect choice for patients and their relatives. There are several service apartments close to some major super-specialty hospitals in 

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