COVID 19 Guidelines for the Hospitality Industry in India


The coronavirus pandemic has literally shaken the entire planet, and we are still struggling to adjust to it. Though there are no more lockdowns anywhere in India, there are restrictions been put up over utilities which are not essential. The hospitality industry, which was one of the most affected by COVID 19, is now functioning too. Given below are the guidelines issued by the Indian government for the hospitality industry:

  • The disinfecting process should be upgraded, i.e. the use of electrostatic spraying technologies for cleaning.
  • Each and every area of the rooms should be cleaned or sanitized thoroughly, giving special attention to those frequent touchpoints such as switches, doorknobs, beddings, television remote, etc.
  • If possible, the real stationery items such as a menu, pen, notepad in the rooms should be replaced with the digital means so as to avoid the chances of transmission and the number of items to be sanitized.
  • The areas in the hotel, where the guests visit more often should be cleaned or sanitized on regular intervals and quite frequent- for example, staircase, gym, lobby, sports club, etc.
  • They are installing hand sanitizer dispensers in the area which is prone to high traffic such as elevators. This will allow the guest to sanitize their hands before and after touching the buttons inside the elevator.
  • The health and temperature check of the guests should be done once a day until the time they stay in the hotel. Also, any nonresident paying visit to the hotel is also bound to follow the health and temperature check.
  • Laundry equipment in the hotel should be thoroughly sanitized and cleaned at regular intervals in order to avoid any kind of cross-contamination.
  • On the part of the toiletry products, facemasks and hand sanitizers should be provided to the guests, which should be kept beforehand in every room of the hotel. Though, this regulation may vary from place to place as not every hotel could avail of this facility.
  • All the employees of the hotel should have been tested negative for Corona and should reproduce their health certificate before they start resuming their work. Woodpecker provides the best service apartments in Delhi, at reasonable prices.

Social distancing signage at different places in the hotel to remind the guests for maintaining an appropriate distance from each other. We must consider adapting these basic hygienic practices to avoid catching the corona infection. The good habits in new normal could benefit us for a lifetime.

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