Covid Free Living

Guest safety and comfort have always been our priority. Over the last few weeks, we have implemented some changes to Woodpecker to keep up with these changing times. We acknowledge that due to the travel restrictions imposed, it might take a couple of months until you can stay with us. Nevertheless, I would like to share how we have made Woodpecker safer for you.

– All rooms are equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers.

– All bathrooms are equipped with liquid soap dispensers.

– Dining will now be done in-room instead of in the common dining area using disposable cutlery.

– Room linen will be changed once in 2 days or on request.

– Disinfectant solutions are used to clean washbasins, furniture, toilets, common areas, and rooms.

– Our staff is equipped with protective gear like face masks and gloves. Additionally, extra protective gear will be available on request.

– Sanitizing agents are used to disinfect and clean all kitchen supplies before entering the kitchen.

– A temperature check of all guests will be done at the entry point. Any guest with a temperature above 99.1F would be politely redirected out of the apartment.

– There will be mandatory leave for any employee having a temperature above 99.1F

– There will be a record, keeping the recent travel history of all guests as per local and central government guidelines.

– Online check-in and video conferencing on request with our operational team will be implemented.

– In order to maintain social distancing, the staff within the apartment has been reduced to 50%.

Our apartments and staff will maintain the highest level of hygiene and we will try our best to ensure that we deliver a ‘contactless’ experience. As always, if you have any suggestions or feedback I request you to share it with me by replying to this email.

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