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Difference Between Service Apartment and Studio Apartment

If you are holidaying with your friends or out on vacation with your family, you would need to have proper accommodation. All of us look forward to having pleasant memories of our tour. Thus, it is important to choose the right place to live for avoiding troubles. There are basically two types of apartments, out of which you can prefer the one which suits the best as per your budget and requirements: service apartment and studio apartment. Given below are the 5 difference between the two, which might help you to know them better:

  1. The service apartment is a kind of luxurious accommodation, whereas the studio apartments are a simpler version, fulfilling just the staying needs. If your budget is more and you are really looking for having a wonderful staying room then you must go for service apartments or else the studio apartments are fine.
  2. The service apartments offer a large area with many rooms, contrary to this the studio apartments have only one room in which the sleeping area, furniture, and small kitchen are highly compact.
  3. There are luxury facilities available in the service apartments such as a DVD player, TV, refrigerator, couch, etc. On the other hand, the studio apartment only provides facilities, which are necessary; this is because the space of such an apartment is not enough to accommodate many things in it.
  4. The rental cost of a service apartment is higher than that of the studio apartments; the reason behind is the luxury services that a service apartment provides. The studio apartments do not dig a hole in your pocket but provide all the necessary facilities.
  5. One can experience more space, luxury, and comfort in the service apartment than the studio apartments. If you are single than a studio apartment might seem economical but if you are with family or friends than service apartments are any day a better option.

Moreover, service apartments offer a beautiful view and a huge space to enhance your traveling experience. They might cost more or less similar to the hotels depending on the space and location of the apartments along with the luxury services. In case you like traveling alone, and you are looking to save extra expenses on your tour, then considering a studio apartment could be a better option. You cannot simply decide on which is good or bad because both of them are equally good in their places.