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Features to Look for Service Apartment

Serviced apartments are widely adapted over hotels these days. As the price and services offer by these rented apartments are unbeatable. While rented any service apartment, some features we must have to look for.

1. Location

While making any visit, we always think about accommodation. We always prefer accommodation near to visiting places in Delhi so that it can be easy for you to visit and live there. Serviced apartments are available in all parts of the city. So it is quite convenient for you to book an apartment near your visiting place.

Serviced apartments are available near to hospitals which make these apartments beneficial for medical tourists. Most serviced apartments are available near the market, medical stores, restaurants which enhances their value and usage.

2. Orientation and Welcome Kit

Serviced apartments ensure you to feel like home. They try to provide every possible facility which gives you comfort and relaxation as you get at your home. Like in hotels, they also provide mineral water, tea/coffee, and juices when you enter that apartment so that you don’t have to rush to market for such things.

3. Arrangements with Local Service Providers

while traveling we want additional services like a gym or swimming pool. Serviced apartments try to provides all such kinds of services to their valuable customers. Customers who stay longer, get these benefits like free of cost by the company. The company has tied up with a nearby gym or swimming pool so that it can fulfill every possible wish of the traveler.

4. Kitchen Equipment

After getting a stay, we search for food. We miss home-based food whenever go out. So in serviced apartments, you are provided with a full accessory kitchen where you can cook your food and eat healthily and home-like food. This feature makes it a good source of attraction.

5. Excellent Quality Mattresses

We all want that we get the best service in the world which includes the best-featured bed or best quality furniture. Service apartments ensure you to provide fully furnished apartments according to your needs.

In service apartments, we have full access to the apartment that we had booked and we feel like we are at home. For longer stay and to have stayed with family they are the best option.