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Factors How Service Apartments are Different from Hotels

We all love traveling a lot. Visiting and exploring different places is human nature. Whenever we visit any place accommodation is the first thing we look for. We always search for a home-like place where you can enjoy and feel safe. Serviced apartments are the best choice to rent a room for visiting. Serviced apartment in Delhi Ncr is widely rented over hotels. They are quite more beneficial than hotels. The following factors make a service apartment the best place rather than to have a hotel.

1. Room for Flexibility

In hotels, you are accessible to your rented room and common room. But in a service apartment, you are accessible to the whole flat or apartment you have rented, this helps you to feel at home. You can even cook or wash clothes in apartments. All such facilities are being provided by the company.

2. Lack of Logistical Hassles

We usually visit in vacations. During that time mostly, all hotels are filled or we have to make some compromises like high pay, won’t get the required number of rooms, and much more. but the booking of a service apartment during peak days is quite convenient. Their charges are even quite less than hotels.

3. The Beauty of the Variety

The best part of these apartments is that you can ook an apartment according to your need. They may vary from 1BHK, 2BHK, and so on. They are like a second home to you and your family. If you are traveling with family then serviced apartments are the best option

4. Save Money, have more Fun

We all used to set up a budget plan for our holidays but the rent of good hotels is always high so you have to make some compromise at someplace either with your needs or fun. But serviced apartments are quite cost-effective, allows you to save some money so that you can live your holi8days more and have great fun.

5. Long Stay

We go out not to just touch the place and come back. We all want to stay as long as possible. This thing can only be possible with serviced apartments. We have to pay double if we want to extend our room service in big hotels. Whereas in serviced apartments you can extend your days at any time with the same amount.

6. Beneficial for Medical Tourists

Serviced apartments are available near hospitals so it is quite beneficial for patients. 24hrs reception in serviced apartments helps you in any emergency. Patient health is always a prior concern. The patient needs a homely environment to get well soon. Serviced apartments help you at a very possible step.

So serviced apartments have tremendous benefits over stars hotels. They are widely adopted by today’s generation. Woodpecker provides furnished flats for rent in Delhi at reasonable prices.