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10 Reasons Why Business Travelers Choose Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are luxurious accommodations while we go out on a business trip, with family, or with friends. It has vast applications over hotels. The amenities being provided by them are luxurious and comfortable. woodpecker is well-known for its hospitality services. They offer the best service apartment for rent in Delhi NCR. Here some reasons that are why business travelers are widely opting for them.

  • Space and convenience:

On average, apartments have up to 40% more space than a standard hotel room. Hotel rooms include a few types of equipment and you just get relaxation there. But in a service apartment, you have a living room and desired room which is equipped with large equipment and you can relax and enjoy your life too.

  • A fully equipped kitchen:

An apartment will provide amenities such as cooking, washing. All sort of utensils is also available with them. You can cook whatever you want. Furnished flats for rent are especially available for the family.

  • Privacy:

Staying in a service apartment gives you the freedom, space, flexibility, and privacy to work, relax, and sleep in the comfort of your own space.

  • Cost Savings:

For a longer stay, apartments are quite affordable. There are many cost-saving opportunities with apartments that may help you to bring down your travel spend.

  • Location:

Serviced apartments are situated in great locations with proximity to major project sites. Some apartments are also located in the center of cities so that you can access the nearby market and other facilities.

  • Easy to book:

Online booking of the apartment has made these apartments widely acceptable. You can easily book apartments from your phone and easily track the location provided by them.

  • They are regulated:

The association of serviced apartment providers (ASAP) ensures service apartments are compliant with legal and health and safety requirements.

  • 24/7 concierge:

Serviced apartments provide a 24-hour concierge service for all your needs. If you have any trouble then they are ready to help you at every step.

  • Payment:

You can pay online so need to carry money with you and You can pay while leaving the apartment so there is no need to pay upfront and claim back the costs.

  • Long stays:

Serviced apartments offer flexible stays. You can stay weekly or monthly without any prior notification. There is no minimum stay period.

Due to all such reasons, serviced apartments are chosen by any business traveler. These apartments try to do everything that you want and desire just to provide you the best hospitality services. These are the supreme residences for a modern lifestyle.