You know that feeling don’t you? You step off the plane, full of excitement and anticipation after a long flight. Suddenly, you’re smacked in the face with fatigue. You’ve gotten very little sleep and your body feels like it’s hungover. How nice it would be, you think, to settle yourself down into bed right about now. But it’s lunchtime in your new home – hello jet lag!

1. Prepare at home before departing

Adapt your body’s rhythm a few days before you even get close to an airplane. When you fly east, try to go to sleep a couple hours earlier than usual. If you’re going west stay awake one or two extra hours.

2. Plan to arrive later in the day

Arriving in the morning tends to pose large problems with fatigue since the day drags on for a longer period of time. Comparatively, arriving in the afternoon or evening is a much better option since you only have to stay awake for a few hours.

3. Set your watch to the new time zone

Your transition to the new time zone should begin on the plane so you get yourself mentally prepared for the new rhythm. Once you’re on the plane, set your watch to the new destination’s local time and keep yourself awake if it’s still daytime there.

4. Drink plenty of water but skip alcohol and caffeine

Air inside airplanes is usually quite dry and you’ll notice your skin stretch and dry up a bit since you’re deprived of water. So every once in a while you should get a glass of water to keep your hydration at a healthy level. Alcohol, however, is pretty strong and toxic when you’re up so high. It actually dehydrates you even more and makes it harder for you to adjust to the new time zone later. Also, coffee and black teas are not beverages you should be drinking on a flight for the same reason. Your best options are to aim for drinking water and juice!

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FAQs About Our Serviced Apartments in New Delhi:

1. Does Woodpecker offer corporate rates for Serviced Apartments?

As the serviced apartments are primarily used for corporate stays, we always offer the best discounted corporate tariffs for our service apartments in New-Delhi. Please mail from your corporate id to  info@woodpecker4me.com for the best discounts.

2. What can I expect in a Woodpecker Apartment?

A warm home-like feel with hotel-like amenities. We provide fully furnished apartments with AC, TV, a dedicated caretaker, complimentary breakfast, and immediate response to any kind of complaint. 

3. How do I make a reservation with Woodpecker?

Making a reservation with us is a very simple process. You just need to make a phone call or drop us an email at info@woodpecker4me.com with your details like total number of guests and check-in and check-out dates. Our representative will check for availability and get back to you.

4. Who can/should use serviced apartments?

Even though serviced apartments are primarily used by companies to host their employees, they can be used by anyone looking for a comfortable homely stay with hotel-like amenities on an economical budget.

5. In which cities do Woodpecker Apartments have its apartments?

Currently, our apartments are located in New Delhi. However, we are expanding across the country.

6. Is it ok to use a serviced apartment to stay during medical treatment in New Delhi?

Medical Tourism and the IT industry were two of the main segments to cater serviced apartment industry that came into existence as part of the hospitality business. Serviced apartments offer a cheaper alternative to hotel stays, which makes them a perfect choice for patients and their relatives. There are several service apartments close to some major super-specialty hospitals in 

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